Low Tension (LT) Switchgear

Asian Powertec Co. Ltd. (APCL) is one of the most processional LT panel manufacturers and suppliers companies in Bangladesh. The materials used in the manufacturing of the LT Panel are of optimum quality that ensures high durability and resistively to various factors supporting corrosion. moreover, the use of advanced technique in the manufacturing ol the main LT Panel makes lhen a perlecl malch lo lhe nalional as well as inlernalional slandards. Asian Powerlec Co. Lld.(APCL) manulaclures low vollage swilchgear applied lor power conlrol and dislribulion syslems ol AC 5Ol-lz, raled working vollage up lo 44O\/. ll‘s mainly used in power slalion, lnduslrial enlerprise, and Commercial or Residenlial buildings lor power dislribulion can be used lo conlrol, prolecl and inspecl lhe circuil. Swilchgear is divided inlo main busbar comparlmenl, branch busbar comparlmenl, lunclional unils comparlmenl, cable comparlmenl and insulalion design ol each unil, which can deducl deslroy lo lhe lowesl degree caused by arc. Frame is wilhoul any welding corner, which assured lhe assemble precision while used ol special lools during assembling. Each lunclional unil is assembled wilh door (Plale), which are wilh gemel and lock. The door wilh lacilily is nol droop caused by weighl or size. Also each lunclional comparlmenl is oi pressure-releasing avenue. The gas giving oul al laull can be released lhough lhe avenue. The door, shrouding and lrame’will be coaled wilh epoxy resin power and nol exceed lhe 5Omicron prior lo acid washing, phosphale, anli-dusl painl. Aller lhal lhe enclosure will be ol slrong anli-corrosive capacily. The bus bars are lirmly supporled by insulalors having adequale mechanical and eleclrical slrenglh. Designed and manulaclured in such away that il can be expanded lurlher wilhoul any hassles.

High Tension (HT) Switchgear

APCL is one of The leading manufacturers of HT switchgears for electrical power distribution system in Bangladesh. It offers wide range of technologically advanced HT Switchgear products that provide flexible options. From cutting-edge design that allow for easy access, maintenance and space-savings, to ecological accountability, APCL’s HT switchgear solutions meet the needs of essentially each purpose. The products are designed To ensure highest performance serving as a foundation for secure & highly reliable electrical networks.

Power Factor Improvement (PFI) Plant

As all the electrical energy is exclusively generated, transmitted and distributed in the form of alternating current, so most of the burdens are inductive in nature and hence, have low lagging power factor. This low power factor is highly undeserved as it causes an increase in current, resulting in additional losses to active power in all the element of power system from power station generator down to the utilization devices. APCL manufactures PFl (Power Factor Improvement) Plant for improving the degraded Power Factor of the system. This plant make sheet steel clad, dist & vermin proof, free standing, floor mounting type auto/manual Power Factor Improvement (PFI) Plant with power Capacitor Banks, Magnetic AC Contractors, High Rupturing Cartridge (HRC) Fuses or MCB or MCCB. While manufacturing at our factory standards like lEC/ VDE/BS are maintained.