Solar System

Asian Powertec Co. LTD.(APCL) is one ot the largest and fastest growing renewable energy companies in Bangladesh. Electrification through solar energy system is getting more popular, day by day in Bangladesh. Solar Home Systems (SHSs) are highly decentralized and particularly suitable tor remote, inaccessible areas. SHSs can be used to light up homes, shops, fishing boats etc. It can also be used to charge cellular phones, run televisions, radios and cassette players. SHSs have become increasingly popular among users because they present an attractive alternative to conventional electricity such as no monthly bills, no fuel cost, very little repair, maintenance costs, easy to install any where etc. Solar Energy can also be used in residential, commercial & industrial buildings. APCL offers the opportunity of design & consultancy for solar mini grid. All related products are available in our ready stock like solar panel, battery, charge controller, solar inverter, grid-connected inverter, cables & other accessories, array marshalling box/PV combiner box, junction box, MC4 connector(male-female), branch connector, DC distribution board, AC distribution board etc.

APCL Solar panel
APCL Solar Panel